Saturday, May 30, 2009

Eyes on the Prize

Rocky IV - Eye Of the Tiger - The most popular videos are a click away

I rock. Finished three miles yesterday -- without stopping, whining, or dying. May be peanuts for you crazy people who actually enjoy running, but for me, it is a feat akin to fighting a 7-foot Russian. It was raining yesterday too, which just added to the ambiance of my yo-Adrienne training session. Just imagine it: I'm running down the parkway, sweat and rain careening down my face, which is twisted into a grimace of pain...and determination. Hells yeah!

The end point was this sign at the intersection of the parkway and the main road near our house. About 100 feet away from the sign, I felt a burst of energy. With my arms pumping and legs picking up speed, I neared the sign. As I got closer, I jumped up and banged it with all my might. I let out a roar, shook my head in fury like a wild animal and ripped my shirt off in a moment of pure physical adrenaline.

Eye of the tiger, bitch! Eye of the MUTHAFUCKING tiger! (Sorry, Rocky-mode means liberal use of the f-bomb.)

Afterwards, I drove to an inner-city warehouse did 500 sit-ups hanging from the ceiling, jumped rope at lightning speed, and did body twists with a 100-pound cement block on my shoulders.

Well, I WOULD have done that if it wasn't for those pesky dinner reservations.

Fuck yeah.

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