Friday, July 13, 2012

Fun Friday!

Every Friday, my daughter's swim team has their "Fun Friday" practice. They do some swimming, but mostly they act goofy, horse around, and do lots of smiling and laughing.

So, in the spirit of "Fun Friday" at our family's pool, I am going to attempt to regularly post, each Friday, something silly, sweet, or goofy that makes me smile about the past week whether it's a picture, something a kid said to me, something that happened with work or all of the above.

And to get us started is today...watching my daughter getting thrown in the pool by her coaches...and then giggling uncontrollably afterwards. No better way to start off your weekend.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Unsinkable

Today's text between Mama (that would be me) and Daddy (that would be my big strong man).

M: Nate took a huge dump in the bath.  He cried in shock. I cried.

D: What?? He's never done that before.

M: It's horrible. A shit bath. A bath of shit. The two older kids are losing it. Screaming their heads off.

D: Because of the deuce?

M: No because they just found out that the world is in fact round...not flat. And that Christopher Columbus was a racist. Yes because of the dooce.

D: Ugh

M: When you get home just give me one straight to the head. I. Can't. Deal.

D: Ugh. Ugh. Well three kids and only one crap in the bathtub is I guess not bad odds.

M: Bite me.