Thursday, December 25, 2008

What? You Don't Wake Up on Christmas Morning Looking Like This?

People think Christmas is about the birth of Jesus or the spirit of giving or spending time with your loved ones. Think again.

I propose that it's about wearing matching pajamas not just with your spouse, but your small children. If you don't have small children, a dog will suffice.

We did it this year for our Christmas card, and let me tell changed our lives forever.

There we were, frolicking about in our living room -- laughing, joking, hugging each other in our matching red and green stripes. Not a shred of self-respect as far as the eye could see.

Not a chance in hell would I have been caught dead in such pajamas pre-children, much less have them MATCH someone else. But, that is what children has done for me. It has freed me of all those oh-so-pesky constraints of good taste.

So, that is Christmas for us this year...two children, matching pajamas, and liberation (at least temporarily) from that silly thing called dignity.

Happy Holidays everyone!!!!! xoxo


Anonymous said...

watchya talking about? you all look fabulous!!
looks like you have an AWESOME christmas morning!!
you have a gorgeous family!!!!!

Chikki said...

What cute pictures! Love the PJs, where do you find them?

Rosana V. said...

how hilarious are they??? :-)
hanna andersson!

Nonie said...

you guys have way to much fun!! i wanna join!