Sunday, November 9, 2008

Oatmeal is a Skin Moisturizer, Right?

I smeared oatmeal on my 9-month-old's face this morning. Is that wrong? Or, is it only wrong if someone catches you? Either way, it happened. And, truth be told, I did get caught.

Marley has been refusing to eat. Not only does she refuse, but when she actually allows some food into her mouth, she lets it ooze right back out while engaging in FULL EYE CONTACT. Needling me. Toying with me. Mocking me.

So, this morning she oozed and I smeared. I took a spoonful of oatmeal and just did a little blaah-blaah on each cheek. And, I actually made that noise, "Blaaaaaaah. Blaaaaaaah." One for each cheek.

It was sort of like tribal war paint...babyfood style.

She just looked at me, emotionless. "Like I care," her eyes said. "I have food on my face all the time."

Then I turned to find my husband standing at the kitchen entry, mouth open in disbelief. He had seen the whole thing.

I was speechless. No words. He just shook his head.

Sometimes it feels good to be wrong.


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Nonie said...

what a great story! you were driven my shear emotion. sometimes you just gotta feel it and do it, just to be true to yourself. love ya!