Thursday, April 30, 2009

You Win Some, You Lose Some

So, I didn't get into the top 10 in the Mom Logic Mother of All Bloggers Contest (sniff, sniff). Thank you to anyone who nominated me even though it's likely that I begged, bribed, or harassed you to do it.

There were some pretty amazing posts out there from some mad wicked mom bloggers. I'm fairly new to the whole blogging world and entering this contest was an eye-opening experience. I had no idea there was this world of mothers out there just blogging their hearts out. I know, I know, how could I not know...For God's sake, they were on Oprah.

The point is, I was, and am, in really good company. How's that for being a gracious loser?

So, here I am...losing graciously. And, as I sit down to check my e-mail -- my face still frozen in an expression like I'd just smelled something really, really bad -- I noticed a comment on one of my posts from Furious Mom over at The Furious Five . She's given me an award. The Zombie Chicken Award. So in case you've been living under a rock and don't know what this award is all about, I'll tell you...

"The blogger who receives this award believes in the Tao of the zombie chicken - excellence, grace and persistence in all situations, even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. These amazing bloggers regularly produce content so remarkable that their readers would brave a raving pack of zombie chickens just to be able to read their inspiring words. As a recipient of this world-renowned award, you now have the task of passing it on to at least 5 other worthy bloggers. Do not risk the wrath of the zombie chickens by choosing unwisely or not choosing at all…"

I am tickled pink. Seriously. And, now that Furious Mom has bestowed this honor upon me, it is now up to me to turn around and award this honor to five other blogs. So...drum roll Zombie Chicken blogs are:

1. Whiskey in My Sippy Cup She has enough attention, but I love her so. I've actually laughed out loud at her posts. No, I don't mean "lol." I mean I laughed out LOUD. Hysterical.
2. Scary Mommy. She's also been bloggin' for a while, but again, I love her so. Hysterical. And, it doesn't hurt that her kids are adorable.
3. Hide the Cheese . Amazing recipes from a mom of three. Who thought you could make chips out of kale? And, they are yummy!
4. A Stepmom's Playground. Brand-spankin' new blog that debunks all those wicked stepmother stereotypes with clever, funny, honest stories about raising someone else's child. Can't wait to read more...
5. Motherhood Uncensored. Blogging since 2005, I feel like Kristen is my kindred spirit in the mommy blogosphere. She manages to be funny and vulnerable in all her posts. Love, love.

Hope you enjoy all my moms as much as I do.



StepMilMom said...

You rock my world!! Thanks so much!! =) I love your blog too - your Mom Logic post below had me howling. It's nice to know that we're not all the Stepford Wife type mothers - we're trying to survive and at least now we can talk about it on the internet! Thanks again!

Mr Lady said...

I. Just. Died.

When did the zombie chicken award happen? That's brilliant.

Thank you. I loves.