Monday, April 27, 2009

I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke...

We bought Marley these little jelly ballerinas last week, which she promptly stuck on our patio door, arranged exactly like they were in the package. There was one blond, caucasian ballerina, an African-American ballerina, and one that I'm guessing was Asian because of the black hair and yellow tint of her skin.

On a side note, why do Asian cartoon characters, dolls, etc. have to look either horrifically jaundiced or like they should have rays of light beaming off their heads? I'd like to hereby declare that when I look in the mirror I don't see this staring back at me.

Black hair and almond-shaped eyes will suffice, thank you.

I digress...A few minutes later, Marley called me in to look at her new jelly creation.

Marley: Look, mommy!

There are the three ballerinas right there on the window, except now their different color arms, legs, hair, etc. have all been rearranged.

Mommy: Did you mix-and-match the different ballerinas?

Marley: Yes. This one is brown and white, this one is white and brown, and this one is just plain white. And, they're all best friends.

Mommy tearing up.

Mommy: Wow. They are all so beautiful!

Marley: They are the most beautifulest.

Sometimes, I think kids should run the world. Yes, it would be filled with crumbs, spilled drinks, and strewn toys...but, man, what a trade-off.

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StepMilMom said...

Don't you wish you could bottle a child's naieve mind? So much of the world's ignorance could be solved if they just listened to their kids... Great blog btw!