Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quote of the Day

Babysitter looking at family picture when there were only three of us. Marley is nearly one in the photo.

Wow, you look different.

Me: Yeah...two children will age you.

Babysitter noticeably uncomfortable and searching...

Babysitter: I mean, you don't look older. You just look different.

So, there you go. I'm not older-looking, I'm "different."

The area under my eyes that has gotten strangely darker since Kid #2? Different. The laugh lines that seem to be deepening with each passing year? Just a little odd. The dimpled pooch that used to be a flat stomach? A tad not the same. The rib cage that (I kid you not) is wider than it used to be pre-children thereby giving me the hot, sexy shape of a prepubescent boy? I'd say -- divergent.

That's fine. Only a few more years, and I can officially start living vicariously through my daughter.


Unknown said...

After seven kids, my stretch marks look like a friggin Atlas.

Deanna Lynn Sletten said...

Funny, but oh so true. Yes, with each new child we get wider, and I'm not talking fat, I'm talking bone structure! But we also get wiser, stronger and more tolerant of those around us - at least I hope we do. I'd rather be this version of me today than the version I was 20 years ago.

SARAH said...

This is exactly what we were talking about in the parking lot the other night! We may fit in our old clothes, but not in the same way. I'm becoming okay with that...I think. Also, I've been told by SO many people that I look different too, since having kids. I think that our faces can change in some way. I don't see it when I look in the mirror, but I've heard it before from others. Who knows? Maybe if the comment one is going to make is "you look different" they should keep it to themselves! :)

Rosana V. said...

yes! no one told me about the expanding ribcage! and, i do feel stronger, but the tolerant/patient part is always a struggle for me! always a work in progress!
:-) michelle -- you just made me laugh out loud!
sarah--the face does change somehow. i think for me, more angular???