Friday, July 24, 2009

Stupid Is as Stupid Does

It's time to start watching our backs. We have a Benedict Arnold in our midst and she's GOOD. She uses her innocence, charm, and innate smallness (sometimes we don't even know she's there) to betray us. Watch what you say, mom and dad, 'cause you're about to go down in flames.

Yesterday, as I'm getting ready to jump in the pool with T, he informs me that he had an "interesting" conversation with his sister earlier on in the day. M had been over there for a play date when she innocently asked her aunt, "Why is Daddy always mad at you?"

Um, awkward.

T's sister, a school teacher turned professor in education, no less, apparently didn't miss a beat with her response. "Well, sometimes brothers and sisters have disagreements. It's natural and it doesn't mean we don't love each other."

Bravo, Aunt J, bravo!

M seemed satisfied by the response and went back to her coloring. About a minute later, she looks up and matter-of-factly asks, "What does stupid mean?"

Most disloyal breach of confidence! Treasonous 4-year-old! Et tu, Brute?

But then...a strange thing happened. Any tension that may have existed pre-bean spilling evaporated...just like that. T and his sister had a chuckle over the ridiculousness of the situation and wah-lah. Brotherly-sisterly love restored.

Go figure. Sometimes it takes a Judas-like act from a 4-year-old to set things straight...


SARAH said...

So funny. I just read this outloud to Gabe and he couldn't believe it. M is beyond her years! :)

Asianmommy said...

How funny--the things they say. :)