Thursday, July 9, 2009


Been at the beach. Walking around in a sun and sand-induced haze.

We have another full day (tomorrow) before we head home. M is already whining about why we can't stay longer and, truth be told, I feel like whining along with her.

Miss it. Miss it. Miss it.

Sitting on the sand and watching M twirl around like a ballerina in the waves. Watching J laugh with glee as his father tosses him around the ocean water...not missing a beat even as a small wave "kisses" him right on the lips.

Diving, running, jumping all over the sand with big, small and smaller. Playing beach paddle ball with T like my life depends on it. Racing down the beach with M. Her smile so wide and free I want to cry out in joy. I do. And then she does.

Wrapping J up in towels like a newborn baby. Kissing his long eyelashes as he sleeps in my arms, the beach wind and his sister's laughter whipping all around us.

Holding hands. Looking up. Kisses on the lips. "I love you."

But, we're not gone yet. One more day.

T told M yesterday as she whined over the prospect of leaving, "Sweetheart, we aren't leaving now. Enjoy the time we have left!"

And off we do just that.


Asianmommy said...

Sounds wonderful! There's nothing like relaxing on the beach.

Unknown said...

Wish we could go too! Topsail island had beautiful family beaches when I was young!Thanks for the memories.