Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mind Games

The whole "terrible twos" thing is a completely crock. It's the threes that will send you over the edge.

One minute they love you, the next minute they hate you. You have no idea from one moment to the next what you're going to get so you just end up staring wide-eyed and shell-shocked straight into the eyes of madness.

She'll sneak up behind me, wrap her arms around my neck and whisper in my ear, "Mommy,I love you so much." You could just melt...and I do. So, there you are feeling soft, vulnerable, sort of like a mollusk without its shell. And, here she comes, wearing that little smirk. You want to escape, run and hide, but you're caged.

"I like you a little bit Mommy, but I like Daddy better."

A mind fuck...a true mind fuck. My old college boyfriend has nothin' on my 3-year-old.


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