Saturday, August 8, 2009

14 Days and Counting...

Went for a run today and it was hard. Start with the fact that I took the Doodlebug out with both kids, add in that it was some ungodly temperature somewhere near 90, multiply by the fact that I'm getting a little nervous about the actual event and there you have it -- a difficult run.

And the hits just kept on comin'...

1. First, M's headphones (i-pod + Michael Jackson = quiet run for mommy) kept falling off, which would elicit whining from inside the jogger the likes of which I've never experienced. I'm not talking put-me-in-a-straight-jacket-I-can't-take-it-anymore whining. I'm talking end-it-all-now-it's-too-painful-to-go-on whining.

2. Apparently it was social hour on the bike path today and our invite got lost in the mail.Everybody was convening on the path, blocking it and begging me to use their dogs, small children and grandmothers as jump ramps.

3. Some lady who looked like the very definition of instability on her bike and, in my opinion, should have been pulled over for a DUI, wouldn't let me by -- twice. Coming up behind her and then again, running toward her. Yes, running toward her. She kept weaving into my side of the path, resulting in me having to take the jogger off-road into the grass. Is there such as a thing as bike path etiquette school? There should be.

4. Two old men yelled out at me, "Lookin' good! Lookin' good!" (Ok, that wasn't bad. After expanding at an exponential rate of 30-35 pounds -- twice, catcalls = compliments. Even the dirty old man sort.)

5. Jack's water cup kept falling onto the floor of the jogger. Fine, I realize the child's arm is broken and his manual dexterity cut in half. Hall pass.

6. My shoe came untied. How a double-knotted shoe came undone, I'll never know.

7. The face-sweating factor became debilitating mid-run. Yes, I am a face-sweater. I don't sweat a whole lot anywhere else, but it all comes out above the neck. So, imagine what happens on a 90-degree day. Not even a headband, wristband, etc. could control what had been my face, but was now a flesh-colored waterfall.

I finished the run, though. Hotter and sweatier and more exhausted than I'd been in a long time. As I took a swig of water on the side of the road, I looked up and saw the people in the car that had pulled up to the red light...smiling. Laughing in fact. I looked down and realized I'd snatched a sippy cup straight out of my toddler's hands and downed his water. Nice.

"Sorry, J."

And with that, I trudged home.


OSMA said...

love the imagery. can't get "flesh colored waterfall" out of my mind. good stuff! p.s. i don't know how you do it. pushing a grocery shopping cart w/two children is seriously an over achievement for me these days. ugh.

Rosana V. said...

@that was a good one wasn't it? i was a little skeeved out writing it and immediately knew it was perfect.