Saturday, October 6, 2012


Lots to write about. Plagued as of late with thoughts of my mother...a lovely cocktail of regret, loss and helplessness. Yes, it's loads of fun. But hugs from my husband (who lets me bawl like a baby whenever the mood hits) and from my 7-year-old daughter (who now knows that mommies can sometimes miss their mommies too) do help.

And then there is this. Life with them. The blessings all around me. I omit sharing much of the daily preciousness with my mother because talking is...difficult. A chore. But I will tell my mother about this video. How her grandchildren are such good brothers and sisters to each other. I don't know that she will understand, but I will tell her anyway. Maybe I will play it for her over the phone?

For now, though, it's one of those moments that lifts me into the here and now because it's just so flippin' funny and cute. And sometimes that's what you need in life when things get you sad...funny. And cute.

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