Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Unsinkable

Today's text between Mama (that would be me) and Daddy (that would be my big strong man).

M: Nate took a huge dump in the bath.  He cried in shock. I cried.

D: What?? He's never done that before.

M: It's horrible. A shit bath. A bath of shit. The two older kids are losing it. Screaming their heads off.

D: Because of the deuce?

M: No because they just found out that the world is in fact round...not flat. And that Christopher Columbus was a racist. Yes because of the dooce.

D: Ugh

M: When you get home just give me one straight to the head. I. Can't. Deal.

D: Ugh. Ugh. Well three kids and only one crap in the bathtub is I guess not bad odds.

M: Bite me.

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