Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Threes Tribute

just getting over a stomach bug that had paid a relatively short visit to our home this past week. yes, probably the worst type of average, we-all-get-it illness that kids get.

so, finally don't have anybody retching up her insides while i clean vomit shrapnel, rub her back, and promise that it will be all better soon. but don't really have energy to write now!

with seven months under my belt as the mother of three, i'm finally getting somewhat used to the fact that someone is
a. always whining and/or crying
b. always calling me
c. always touching me
it's kind of a bizarre slice of heaven. masochist am i?

note: yes, that is my baby BOY in a pink bundler passed down from his older sister by way of his older brother. after #1 that pink, blue thing? for the birds. keeps 'em warm just the same doesn't it?

i just love this picture. it pretty much says it all...someone always holding, touching, hanging on me. often all at the same time.

edible...all three of them.

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