Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I did it. I bought my ticket. Come August I'm headed to Bangkok, Thailand for 10 days with my mom, dad and brother -- sans kids and husband. As I've written about before, my mom is not well and not getting better. So, it was important for me to get off my woe-is-me ass and get there, literally and figuratively.

I'll have QT with my mother, brother and father,which I haven't had in years. I'm looking forward to it, but also combating butterflies. Haven't been away from my kids and their dad for more than a few days since giving birth to M five years ago.

Ten days is a long time.

I've already requested that my husband please, please, please put on his safety hat, do the safety dance or whatever it takes for the 10 days while I'm away. "Pretend you're the nerdy, no-fun parent while I'm away...paaaaalease. When I get back, you can revert to being the third kid...promise."

At the same time, there is something I am looking forward to while I am away...rest. I fully expect to return to the states smarter, nicer and younger after having had ten nights of uninterrupted sleep.

Can't beat that with a stick...

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SARAH said...

Proud of you. I think it's an awesome decision :)