Monday, November 30, 2009

Why Mothers Eat Their Young

So, today, as I was washing the morning dishes and my not-quite-2-year-old son played in the adjoining playroom...I sneezed.

"Beeees you!" a tiny voice called out.

I sneezed again.

"Beeeees you, Mama!" it called out again.

"Thank you, Jacky," I replied (in the same way I would to anyone who blesses me after a sneeze).

A few minutes later, I hear an itty bitty "kachoo!" come from the next room. Before I even have a chance to return the favor (and consider the fact that it's high time I dusted), I hear:

"Beeees you! Beeees you, Jacky!"

So fucking cute I could have bitten him, eaten him right there on the spot.

Lucky for him, I fought that urge and settled for a smooch and hug instead. (Ok, maybe I did bite him on the arm...just a little.)


stuart said...

this is the cutest sneeze story i've ever heard.

Anonymous said...

so loved this. my two year old did the same thing a few weeks ago and i laughed so hard i nearly peed my pants.

Margy said...

Love the title! I do want to eat them up quite often? What is with that?