Tuesday, September 1, 2009

40-Year-Old Intern

First week as an intern at For Your Old Eyes Only newspaper went swimmingly. Had some highlights and lowlights, but overall currently having a blast in my new position as Ass-Girl Extraordinaire.

Day 1: "You are the best intern we've ever had." - My New Editor/Boss
Almost as sweet of a compliment as when someone says, "Wow, you look really good for someone your age."

Day 2: "You sound so comfortable interacting on the phone." - Administrative Dude
Does he really think I'm a college junior? Listen up, MAN, I'm edumacated.

Day 3: Assigned to profile winner of this year's Ms. Senior Beauty pageant. I'll say that again. Assigned to profile winner of this year's Ms. Senior Beauty pageant.
Best. Assignment. Ever. I'll say that again. Best. Assignment. EVER.

Day 3, Part Deux: Viewed a number of pictures to go along with health piece on the importance of regular prostate exams.
Holy shit. My ass cheeks still spontaneously clench together when I think of the close-up of that white-gloved hand-- and I'm not even a dude.

Day 4: Promotion from Intern to Staff Writer.
I just did like the Little Engine and said to myself, "I think I can, I think I can."

Oh, and today, had to leave my internship early because both kids flared up with fevers of over 100 degrees. That's right. The intern had to leave because her kids were sick.

I could possibly be enjoying all this a little too much.


taraneh said...

you're hilarious! you're movin on up! to the east side. to a deluxe apartment in the sky! ok i'll stop now. :)

Rosana V. said...

@taraneh that's right! if i try and believe, i can achieve!!

Asianmommy said...

Sounds like you're flying high!

Jessica said...

This is so awesome! hahaha I interned at an ad agency when I was 27 (I was laid off and trying to switch careers). They said I was the best ever, too! I had better be after 5 years in the corporate world paying all my own bills! Sadly, mine didn't end up with a job, just a babysitting gig for the CEO. Bastard.

Again: YAY FOR YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

Damn, girl, you are talented!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!! Your sardonic sense of humor about your current "gig" is priceless. Glad to see I'm not the only one that gets it...