Monday, December 15, 2008

Small Victories

I'm awesome. I rock. I'm money. I love me.

Why so self-congratulatory, you ask? Well, lately I've discovered that how good I'm feeling is wholly dependent on the little successes throughout the course of my day. It used to be reaching a challenging sales goal at the shop, writing a story I was really proud of (still is to a certain extent), earning a fat paycheck,...

These days, it's my ability to navigate through (or circumvent) daily minutiae that sends me into high-fiving, chest-bumping, and chest-pounding territory.

For example, today I hauled the dog and two kids to the vet. The appointment was at 11:10. We got there at 11:08! I'm not always on time, but I have a pretty decent record. Early,though? Unheard of. And, without breaking a sweat? Never. But, there I was, pushing the baby in his stroller with one hand, directing Marley (calmly) to walk alongside the stroller, and holding Cheeba's leash with the other hand. And, miracle of miracles...I managed to get through the door of the office without accidentally smacking a child or animal in the head. Bravo, Rosana! (Yes, I do little cheers for myself too.)

We all sat down to wait our turn. I had packed some snacks so as to avoid any pre-lunch hunger meltdowns. I have forgotten snacks before and have suffered the brutal consequences. So, the two sat munching on their crackers while we waited...

Ding! Our turn. As the doc checked out Cheebs, Marley sat in the examining room chair looking at the diagrams of cats' innards on the wall while Jack continued munching on his cracker. Not a peep, not a whine, not a sound. Hallelujah!

Even the vet commented on how well-behaved MY two children were. Did you hear that? I'll say it again. Even the vet commented on how well-behaved MY two children were.

We leave Cheebs there for some tests and head home for lunch and a nap.

I hummed on the way to the car...and all the way home.

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Jessica said...

Way too go! I only have one little guy and I know how difficult it can be to do such ordinary things.

Thanks for the laugh.